HJW - English

The Herfst Jongleerweekend (HJW) is going to be a wild one this year!

When is the HJW?

Open: friday 28th of september 20:00
Closed: sunday 30th of september 16:00

What is the HJW?

Practise together with other jugglers

Learn from the masters!

-Club volley
What would you get if you combined juggling and volleyball?

-Fight night
What would you get if you combined juggling and fighting?

For the first time there is going to be a acro space. How acrobatic are you?

Tie yourself at 4 meters high!

Can you get to the other side?

-Live music
The band is going to make a big party!

Spend the friday night next to a cozy campfire. Don't forget to bring your musical instruments! Fire juggling not allowed.

(Look that word up if you don't know what it means)

What does the HJW cost?

That's including breakfast, dinner, sleeping and party!

Pricing for day passes and accomodations are as follows:
  Day Pass
Day Pass
Day Pass
Overnight stay
with breakfast
Price  €10  €15 €10 €5

At the door, you can only pay cash. There is an ATM nearby.

Where is the HJW?

The venue is in the sportscentre of the university of Twente in Enschede.

De Hems 20
7522 NL
The Netherlands

-By Train
The nearby trainstation is "Enschede Kennispark". From there, it is a 10 minute walk to the sportscentre. Intercity trains do not stop at this trainstation. You can change at Hengelo.

From trainstation "Enschede" there are two busses going to the university.
Bus 1: stop at "De Hems".
Bus 9: stop at "Kennispark/UT".

-By car:
Coming from the west: A35, exit Enschede-West, follow signs for university

Parking is available near building Cubicus. It's a 5 minute walk to the sportscentre.
Adress: Cubicus
De Zul 10
7522 NJ, Enschede
The Netherlands

How do I keep up-to-date on the event?

Follow us on facebook!

Or you can come in contact with the organisation via: hjw (at) catchup (dot) utwente (dot) nl